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Posturepro ø - Fitness massage ball

Posturepro ø - Fitness massage ball


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Whether you are an active athlete, someone who works in an office all day, or just a person who wants to relieve muscle tension and stress, our massage ball will be your new best friend.

Our massage balls are versatile tools that can provide relief from various types of pain, including heel pain, lower back pain, and neck and shoulder pain. By using the nail ball you can effectively reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation, increase body awareness and prevent injuries while helping with rehabilitation. Experience the benefits of these innovative balls and say goodbye to discomfort!

One of the best ways to use the ball is to massage the soles of your feet. This can be used to stimulate the reflexology points that have been shown to have a great effect on the rest of the body.

How does it work?

Roll the ball around the area of ​​the body that needs a massage – for a good deep tissue massage, increase the pressure you apply.

If you use the balls for self-massage, there are a number of ways you can do it to target muscles all over the body.

You can sit or lie on the ball, press it against the wall with your back and move from side to side and up and down for a back massage, use your hand to roll the ball in a circular motion on your body, or roll the ball under your foot while sitting .

Perfect for a full body massage.


Material: plastic (PVC)

Diameter: 9.5 cm

Weight: 140 g


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